Just crossed off one of the things on my To-Do List and retooled this website.

Some of the new: Finally figured out how to do drop menus. New masthead with quotes about how awesome I am. Fancy as f@#% Press Kit with bios, quotes, pages from VORACIOUS, etc. for all of you who require that sort of thing. All the interviews I’ve done about comics in print, audio and video are now cataloged with links to them. I have a store with stuff you can buy. Contact section has a contact form. You will now send me your thoughts, job offers, or suggestions for metal records that have recently blown your face meat off your face bones.


I’ve received quite a few messages about Appetite for Destruction, the third and final volume of VORACIOUS. Specifically, “When is it @#$%ing coming out?” Don’t know yet. Jason and I are working on it. It’s going to be a graphic novel. Probably no single issues. So, we have to finish the entire thing first. That takes some time. But we’re waist deep in the dino sauce now and we’re having a blast. Want a peek? Here you go.



I’ve also been asked, “Are you going to write more comics?” Yes. Currently, I’m writing an action-fantasy series that will not be about a chosen one or have vampires in it. I am also working on a heavy metal love story. It’s completely plotted out and I’ve written the first issue. I have artists attached to both of these projects and I’m very excited about seeing them come to life.

I’m also working on two, all-ages graphic novels. Hope to have those completely written by the end of the year. After that I am going to do a sci-fi mystery comic that has been punching the right hemisphere of my brain for nearly 6 years. It’s going to be a completely different kind of story for me. Slow. Cerebral. Dark. Can’t wait to turn the lights low and write the crap out of it.


Really enjoyed my last appearance of 2017 at the Baltimore Comic-Con in September. Mostly because I tabled with my buddy of over 20 years, Dan. He hand carves superhero and pop culture characters out of wood. Check out this bloody, battle-damaged Moon Knight I commissioned from him a couple years ago.

Awesome, innit? Check out more of his work at his Spandex Splinters page. Dan’s stupid talented. I’ve never seen anything like what he does. He will carve whatever you wish. And (hint) the holidays are coming (hint).

We had an amazing time at the show. Met two VORACIOUS fans who cosplayed the book. Spent many hours laughing with my good chums, the Machlers and Tex, and with new friends we met in Artist Alley. We promptly initiated them with beer. Large quantities of beer. I also gifted the legendary Walt Simonson a special version of my homemade mead because I didn’t think “Thank you for all the stories that made my childhood matter” was f@#$ing good enough.


Blade Runner 2049 is an incredible sequel to my favorite film of all time. It’s also the best movie of 2017. Unfortunately it only made $30 million on opening weekend and everyone is now speculating on its box office failure, like the writer of this interesting Wired feature. The low turnout is not all that surprising to me, but I can’t help but wonder if Blade Runner 2049 will be more appreciated down the road, like the original film was. For now, however, I command you to see it immediately.


Here are a few things that made me smile last week:

Story: Donny Cates // Art: Ian Bederman, Taylor Esposito
Basically Cates and Bederman decided to tour a Space X module with a bottle of mead and ended up creating this space metal fantasy about an axe with a neverending thirst for battle and its robot barbarian servant who is compelled to feed it. Big fun.

Atomahawk #0

The West Wing
Donald Trump is a disaster sack of tiny dicks. Watching this show on Netflix makes me feel better for a little while. Never watched an ep before this week.

Banshee O Beast by Unfold

“A mix of incredible metal heaviness and massive hardcore slowness, twisted by a deep sense of how melodies are supposed to sounds in hell.” Never heard of this band even though they’ve been around since ’95 but I love the hell out of this. Played this record at least 6 times in the last couple days. Had to order the vinyl.

It seems Switzerland doesn’t like to share their musical secrets with Americans. I recently discovered another excellent Swiss band called Impure Wilhelmina. Been spinning it a lot lately. This band kinda sounds like the Smiths and Katatonia got merged in a Brundlefly telepod.

Radiation by Impure Wilhelmina


Gonna try and do a newsletter-ish post like this every week. Until then, you try and keep your brains from being punched.


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