cropped-me.jpgHello. My name is Markisan. I write comic books. Nice to meet you.

My first comic book story, Never Alone, was published in the anthology Lightning Strike #8. My first series, VORACIOUS, debuted in February from Action Lab Comics.

When I’m not writing comics, I’m an independent writer, editor and publishing expert. I have 15 years experience managing, editing and revitalizing publications, including Knowledge Quest and School Library Research for the American Association of School Librarians, and JPM for the Institute of Real Estate Management. My work as Editor on these journals led to a complete update of the production processes and re-branded the publications for a modern audience.

Over the years I have also authored hundreds of features in print and on the web, covering subjects as diverse as emergency evacuation procedures, toilets, F-5 tornadoes, black metal and Superman.

I also host two podcasts. I created a comics creator Q&A podcast called COLLOQUIUM for Sequart.org, and a podcast series on comic books and pop culture called the I Kick Your Face Comicast.

Here on Markisan.com , you can find updates on the projects I’m working on or have a hand in producing. You can also view samples of my work HERE.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with me about a project, feel free to send me a message via my Contact page.

And just so you know, I have been immortalized in Wonder Woman #0 by Ares, courtesy of superstar comics writer Brian Azzarello!

Behold! Markisan Immortalized! Panel from Wonder Woman #0, DC Comics (Sept. 2012).

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