VORACIOUS: Feeding Time – The 5-issue follow-up series to VORACIOUS, published by Action Lab Entertainment! Issue #1 debuts on 12/7/16 and the subsequent issues will be released monthly. The trade paperback collection, VORACIOUS: Feeding Time,  will be available in June 2017.


VORACIOUS – My very first comic book series, published by Action Lab Entertainment. Issue #1-4 were published from February to May 2016. The trade paperback collection, VORACIOUS: Diners, Dinosaurs and Dives was released in August 2016.


NEVER ALONE – An 8-page short story published in Lightning Strike #8 (September 2015). This was the first comic that the entire VORACIOUS team worked on together. The issue can be ordered directly from Lightning Strike. Send them your address and let them know you want issue #8. Then they will do some kind of Irish processing magic so you can get it in the mail.