June 4, 2020
Click on the image below to read some of my thoughts on inequality in America.

Art by Steve McNiven

May 13, 2020
BIG NEWS! Signed a contract with a fantastic publisher to put out my next comic book series! Formal announcement and details to come, but here’s a little tease of the amazing art in issue #1 by illustrator and co-creator, Jason Muhr, and colorist, Andrei Tabacaru. Same team as VORACIOUS. Excited!

March 21, 2020
All the Coronavirus news these last few weeks has been disheartening, so I thought I’d write about a  few things that made me happy this week.

1. Rosario Dawson has been perfectly cast as Asohka Tano for Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Many of my friends know that Asohka is far and away my favorite character in the Star Wars universe, so I’m excited that she’ll be introduced to a wider audience as a live action character. I expect viewers will quickly come to adore Asohka as much as I do, especially when it’s Rosario bringing her to life.

2. All the fantastic art people have made available to help us get through this pandemic has really made me smile. Free concerts, free books, free zoo and museum exhibits, new music, all online and simple to access. It’s beautiful.

3. I just recorded an extra episode of the Metalheads Podcast with my friends. Doing the cast is always a blast, but being in self-quarantine I found it especially good to see my friends on screen and talk about all the things we’re passionate about. I recommend you do some video chats with your chums if you haven’t. It will make you feel better. Especially if you do it with beer.

4. There are many great restaurants in Honolulu, but finding decent pizza has been a real challenge since we moved here in October. That changed a few days ago. After receiving several local recommendations for J. Dolan’s, an Irish pub that specializes in Italian pies, I placed an order for pickup during a supply run. By the time I got home, more than half the pepperoni and jalapeno pizza was already in my belly.

5. I lent one of my all-time favorite graphic novels, On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden, to my wife’s work friend, Amanda, after she told me she had tried reading comic books in the past but for some reason didn’t stick with them. She wondered if she just didn’t really like comics. After talking to her about the things she enjoys, I handed her On a Sunbeam. The next day she read the whole story in one sitting and fell in love with it. She asked if she could borrow the book a bit longer and read it again. I told her she could keep it forever and read it whenever she wanted.

6. On Tuesday my wife, Tracy, was ordered to work from home. I really love that we can now chat whenever we want, have lunch together every day and dote on our spoiled kitty, Zoso, in the day time when he’s at his most sleepy, adorable self. But the best part of our new reality was witnessing Tracy’s sudden and euphoric realization that pants are now completely optional.

February 24, 2020
THANK YOU to everyone at Amazing Comic Con Aloha who bought a copy of VORACIOUS over the weekend. Vol. 1 sold out at the show! But more importantly, thank you to all the folks who stopped by my table and took the time to welcome me to Hawaii. Your kindness warmed my metal ❤️.

December 28, 2019
As heard on the Metalheads Podcast, my Top 40 Metal Albums of 2019 list is now available in print form right HERE! Complete with sexy descriptions and links to every LP on Bandcamp. Read and obey.  🤘🏽💀🔥

November 4, 2019
My buddy and  VORACIOUS artist extraordinaire, Jason Muhr created this glorious, new logo for my LLC, Skull Fracture!  You’re the best, Jason. Thank you. 

Check out Jason’s art and design work at his website

October 28, 2019
The third and final VORACIOUS collection, VORACIOUS Vol. 3: Appetite for Destruction, is scheduled to drop on 11/13. There have been a couple printing delays, but I’m told the new date is solid. So, for those of you who have patiently waited for the collection, it will be here soon!

September 25, 2019
The last issue of VORACIOUS is in comic shops today. It’s a bittersweet Wednesday for me as VORACIOUS has been one of the absolute highlights of my life. Writing it was a blast, but what really made the experience so memorable is the time I got to spend working with Jason and Andrei, two of the most talented, creative, hardworking and decent people I know. Thank you so much, my friends! You made my dream of writing comics real. I won’t ever forget that.

I’d also like to thank my amazing wife, Tracy. When I became disenchanted with my office job 6 years ago, she completely supported me in my decision to quit and go freelance. She also really encouraged me to work on the creative projects I longed to do. Without her love, kindness and confidence in me, VORACIOUS would not be in this world and i would not be a comic book writer. I love you, bebe!

August 11, 2019

I signed off on the print files for the last issue of VORACIOUS. I’m going to very much miss spending time with all the characters in the series, but I could not be more proud of this final chapter. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.



Markisan Naso is the writer of the critically-acclaimed comic book series, VORACIOUS, published by Action Lab Entertainment. He is a freelance editor and publishing expert who has revitalized national publications such as Knowledge Quest and School Library Research for the American Library Association. An accomplished journalist, Markisan has authored hundreds of features in print and on the web. He resides in Honolulu.

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