1/23/19 – My mug is on the Metalheads Podcast website, so it’s official. I’m now the sixth man on the crew! I’ll be filling in on the show when one of the original members can’t make it, and I’ll be appearing on the mid-year and end-of-year shows for the Top 25 countdowns.

My first cast as a Metalheads member was released this week. We had a chat with Allfather vocalist and lovely bastard, Tom Ballard, about beer, beards, Brexit and how badly drawn fishmen make him angry. Plus, discussions on #Metal News, New Releases, What We’ve Been Listening To and the Top 5 Albums We Are Looking Forward to in 2019. Listen to Episode 84 on Soundcloud, iTunes , or on And make sure to check out Allfather’s neck-snapping album “All Will be Desolation” on their Bandcamp page.

1/5/19 – Happy New Year everyone! Now that you’ve survived the holidays with your family and recovered from your Auntie’s spiked nog, I thought I’d share some big VORACIOUS with you…  

VORACIOUS: Appetite for Destruction #1 will be in shops this May from Action Lab Comics!

The series will run monthly for 5 issues. The TPB collection should be available shortly after all the issues are released. For retailers and those of you who pick up the PREVIEWS catalog, VORACIOUS: Appetite for Destruction #1 will be in the March edition for ordering. We will let everyone know the exact release date for issue #1, as well as the order code when we have it.

All the issues will be extra-sized (averaging 28 pages of story per book). There will be two covers for each issue – one regular edition cover by series artist Jason Muhr and series colorist Andrei Tabacaru, and a limited edition variant cover by an artist I  adore. Our 1st variant is illustrated by one of my favorite creators in comics, the amazing Valentin Ramon (D4VE and Z)!

Check out both covers for VORACIOUS: Appetite for Destruction #1!

More updates and previews to come as we build up to the big launch! Follow VORACIOUS on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news!

12/31/18 Behold! My Top 25 Metal Albums of 2018 is now up on my pop culture blog, Skull Fracture.  It includes all the album cover art, plus honorable mentions and my Top 10 favorite album covers of the year. Click on the image below to read the feature.

Skull and blood river art by me!

My Top 25 list was 1st featured on the epic, year-end episode of the Metalheads Podcast. Click on the image below to listen!

9/18/18 – I was a guest on the Metalheads Podcast! It was an absolute blast to throw back a few beers and chat all things brutal with the Metalheads crew. We talked about my comic book series, VORACIOUS, our obsessive music collections, metal news, new releases, what we’ve been listening to and our Top 5 Most Depressing Doom Metal Songs. I also may have gushed all over one of the most metal comic book series of all time – Johnny Ryan’s PRISON PIT! You can listen to the cast in a few places, including:


Markisan Naso is the writer of the critically-acclaimed comic book series, VORACIOUS, published by Action Lab Entertainment. He is a freelance editor and publishing expert who has revitalized national publications such as Knowledge Quest and School Library Research for the American Library Association. An accomplished journalist, Markisan has authored more than 150 features in print and on the web. He resides in Chicago.

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