VORACIOUS is returning this Fall! Our third chapter, VORACIOUS: APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION, will be published by Action Lab: Danger Zone and distributed to comic shops around the world as single issues, with a trade paperback collection to follow. Release date and additional details to come.

We will also be running a Kickstarter this Spring to promote the new series, and to help us manage production costs, just like we did with Voracious: Feeding Time. We’ll be offering some very cool, exclusive items for backers. Stay tuned!


Markisan Naso is the writer of the critically-acclaimed comic book series, VORACIOUS, published by Action Lab Entertainment. He is a freelance editor and publishing expert who has revitalized national publications such as Knowledge Quest and School Library Research for the American Library Association. An accomplished journalist, Markisan has authored more than 150 features in print and on the web. He resides in Chicago.

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