April 22, 2021: Dead Letter Omissions (Video)
BY THE HORNS, Skull Fracture Records, Metalheads Podcast

April 14, 2021: Dead Letter Omissions (Video)
Topics: Interview with renowned musician and recording engineer, Sanford Parker. I was a guest host.

March 31, 2021: Scout Trail Blazers (Audio)
Topics: BY THE HORNS, creating comics

March 1, 2021: Pages and Panels (Audio)
BY THE HORNS, worldbuilding

February 23, 2021: The Collective Spotlight (Video)
BY THE HORNS, Arctic Sleep soundtrack

February 21, 2021: Those Two Geeks (Audio)
BY THE HORNS #1 and #2

January 10, 2021: Those Two Geeks (Audio)

December 17, 2020: Contest of Challengers (Audio)
Topics: BY THE HORNS,  creating comics, comic book retail

December 4, 2020: The Juke Joint (Video)
Topics: BY THE HORNS,  creating comics

September 8, 2020: The Comic Chronicle Podcast (Audio)
Topics: BY THE HORNS, VORACIOUS, creating comics

May 3, 2020: Cheers to Comics Podcast (Audio)
Topics: VORACIOUS, creating comics, metal

July 5, 2019: Everybody Loves Pudding Podcast (Audio)
Topics: VORACIOUS, growing up with comics

June 9, 2019: Contest of Challengers Podcast (Audio)
Topics: VORACIOUS, Thor, wrestling

January 28, 2019: Comic Chronicle (Audio)
Topics: VORACIOUS, creating comics

September 18, 2018: Metalheads Podcast (Audio)
Topics: VORACIOUS, metal!

May 1, 2018: Those Two Geeks (Audio)
Topics: VORACIOUS: Appetite for Destruction Kickstarter

March 21, 2018: Comic Chronicle (Audio)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS: Appetite for Destruction

February 25, 2018: Those Two Geeks (Audio)
Topics: writing VORACIOUS

June 5, 2017: GeekStudioz (Video)
Topics: writing VORACIOUS

April 24, 2017: The Nerd Store (Video)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

April 2, 2017: Sunspots Comics Podcast (Audio – Starts at 29:50)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS: Feeding Time #4

March 28, 2017: Best Damn Podcast (Audio – No longer available)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

February 23, 2017:  Sunspots Comics Podcast (Audio)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

January 20, 2017: Comic Chronicle (Audio)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

December 13, 2016: Graphic Policy (Audio)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

September 19, 2016: Geekadores (Print)
Topics: writing VORACIOUS

September 16, 2016: A Place to Hang Your Cape (Print)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

September 7, 2016: Graphic Policy (Print)
Topics: VORACIOUS Kickstarter, VORACIOUS: Feeding Time

August 1, 2016: TM Stash (Audio)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

July 31, 2016:  TM Stash (Print)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

July 28, 2016: Graphic Policy (Print)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

June 2, 2016: Comics Alliance (Print)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS

May 24, 2016: Fan2Fan Podcast (Audio)
Topics: remembering Darwyn Cooke

January 26, 2016: Salt Lake Tribune (Print)
Topics: creating VORACIOUS