Media Inquiries & Public Appearances

If you would like to interview me about my work or topics about which I am qualified to speak (such as comic books, science fiction, writing, death metal, battle), all you need to do is ask. Contact me via the form below.

I love to do interviews! I’m happy to grant phone interviews, either for print or broadcast. E-mail interviews are fine too.

Please query me before you send questions. Tell me who you are, for whom you are writing the interview, and how you wish to conduct the interview. If you are a journalist on a short deadline, feel free to include a phone number.

Currently I attend only a few conventions each year, and I would be thrilled to be invited to yours. If you’d like me to be a speaker, panelist or a guest at your convention, contact me and let me know who you are, the convention you represent, and the location and dates of the convention.

Freelance Writing & Editing

I’m available for freelance comic book writing, feature writing, fiction writing, editing, social media work, tutoring, project development, podcast editing, resume polishing, interviewing, mead making and more. Like Wolverine of the X-Men, I am “the best there is at what I do.” And I can do a lot.

If you want more information or want to know a little bit more about my job experience in the past, you can view my resume, or visit my LinkedIn profile.


2 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hi It’s Christina Grizanti. From LHS. ‘Member? I’m now Christina Burgos. That may be redundant if you do remember! Anywho, how did you get into editing? I’m trying to move my career in a new direction-editing and writing! Got any advice?
    Thanks a bunch!

    • Hi Christina. Yeah I remember you and your curly hair! 🙂 Thanks for contacting me. First, if you want to write you should write all the time, and write about what you like. And there are lots of websites that will run your features or columns for free if they like your style. How you go about getting paid to write depends on what you want to write for. But basically, build up a portfolio and submit your writing to magazines, journals or websites you like. Editing is tougher. I don’t know your education background, but if you are looking for a job in editing you’ll need to have experience and training. Depending on what field you were in before you may be able to get an assistant editor job somewhere and build your resume. I’ve seen people move into editorial positions from marketing, for example.

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