“I highly, highly recommend this comic.”
Mark Waid
, Award-Winning Writer of Avengers, Captain America, Daredevil

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VORACIOUS: Appetite for Destruction
The third volume of the VORACIOUS trilogy,  is currently being released as a 5-issue series from Action Lab Entertainment. A trade paperback collection will be published in October 2019.

VORACIOUS: Feeding Time
The 5-issue follow-up series to VORACIOUS was published by Action Lab Entertainment in 2017.  VORACIOUS: Feeding Time was named “One of the Best Series of 2017” by Graphic Policy in 3 categories – Favorite Single Issue (1st),  Favorite Limited Series (2nd) and Favorite Writer (3rd)! 

The trade paperback collection, VORACIOUS: Feeding Time,  was released in June 2017. You can order it direct from my store and I’ll sign it for free. Also available in comic shops and on Amazon.


My very first comic book series, published by Action Lab Entertainment. I co-created it with my friend and artist Jason Muhr.  VORACIOUS was named “One of the Best New Series of 2016″ by Comics Alliance!

VORACIOUS #1-4 came out in early 2016. The trade paperback collection, VORACIOUS: Diners, Dinosaurs and Dives was released in August 2016. You can order it direct from my store and I’ll sign it for free. Also available in comic shops and on Amazon. Click on the image below to see some preview pages!


VORACIOUS Sample Pages

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Praise for VORACIOUS

“The premise of VORACIOUS is so ridiculous, so weird, that it should not work. At all. But you know what? It DOES. And the result is a book that’s honest and completely original – a true wild ride that’s unlike anything else. I thoroughly enjoyed VORACIOUS, cover to cover.”MICHAEL MORECI, writer of Black Star Renegades, Roche Limit and Wasted Space

“If you’re not familiar with the VORACIOUS series, you owe it to yourself to check it out! It’s beautifully written and drawn high concept sci-fi.”
Ed Luce, Award-Winning Writer/Artist and Creator of Wuvable Oaf

“Pound for pound, [Markisan] was the best writer in comics in 2017, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us for 2018.”
—Alex K. Cossa, Graphic Policy

“One of the best writers in comics now.”
—Frank RodriguezThe Broken Infinite

“Markisan Naso has got to be one of the most exciting comic book writers to put pen to paper.”
—Alex K. Cossa, Graphic Policy

“Voracious is the breath of fresh air I have been looking for in comics. Its uniqueness makes it stand out among an ocean of comics this industry has become.”
—Rick MendozaGeekadores

“I absolutely love this book. The artwork is fantastic and it’s a fresh new take on the classic time travel story. Please don’t miss out on this book. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”
—Kathleen EadyBlind Box Comics

“The book is cleverly written by Markisan and Jason delivers such a complete visual feast for the eyes. I give Voracious: Feeding Time a 10/10! Please do not miss your chance to catch this amazing book.”
—Stacy LottTM Stash

“I’m grateful for more Voracious, one of 2016’s best and most interesting comics.”
—CA Staff, Comics Alliance

“Voracious is definitely a unique read. It is easy to get into and offers some great entertainment. This is creativity at its finest.”
—Byron HendricksFortress of Solitude

“This book has quickly become one of the best books of the year and possibly one of the best books I have ever read … period.”
—Frank RodriguezThe Broken Infinite

“Bring on course two, three, however many I can get, and do yourself the favor of getting your own taste of it.”
Brian Belanger, Geekorama

“This is a fantastic example of a creative team picking up its ball and running like hell with it. Great work, all around.”
—Steve Paugh, Comic Bastards

“You will see many things in this comic that you have never seen before, or are likely to ever see again.”
—Richard VasseurFirst Comics News

“Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr have created a story that after four issues has reminded me of why I love comics. A series you absolutely need to read.”
—Alex K. Cossa, Graphic Policy

“I highly recommend Voracious and feel it has something for everyone, a little something for even the more discernible pallet.”
Jake Barber, A Place to Hang Your Cape

“This, my friends, is the kind of sci-fi/action/adventure that you’ll want to be reading. It’s strong premise, excellent writing, characterization and story development, surrounded by gorgeous interiors, will make the top of your reading list.”
Steven Leitman, Reading with a Flight Ring

“If you haven’t read Voracious yet, you better get right on it. Incredible story with just as incredible illustration.”
Daniel Medicis, Sci-Clops

“This book is awesome, and everybody should check it out.”
Matt Connor, Ultimate Comics

“A highly imaginative story that is downright fun to read!”
Ed GarrettTM Stash

“You have an amazing beard!”
Checkout Girl, Whole Foods