The Next World

BIG NEWS! Signed a contract with a fantastic publisher to put out my next comic book series! Formal announcement and details to come, but here's a little tease of the amazing art in issue #1 by illustrator and co-creator, Jason Muhr, and colorist, Andrei Tabacaru. Same team as VORACIOUS. Excited!


THANK YOU to everyone at Amazing Comic Con Aloha who bought a copy of VORACIOUS over the weekend. Vol. 1 sold out at the show! But more importantly, thank you to all the folks who stopped by my table and took the time to welcome me to Hawaii. Your kindness warmed my metal ❤️.

Last Meal

The third and final VORACIOUS collection, VORACIOUS Vol. 3: Appetite for Destruction, is scheduled to drop on 11/13. There have been a couple printing delays, but I'm told the new date is solid. So, for those of you who have patiently waited for the collection, it will be here soon!