So, my first big news of 2021… I went and started a record company! I’m incredibly proud to announce that Skull Fracture Records debuts TODAY with the By the Horns (Original Soundtrack) EP by Arctic Sleep.

The release (out March 5) features 2 tracks inspired by my Scout Comics series of the same name and is now available to pre-order as a digital download or on 7″ vinyl in 3 different colors. The vinyl comes with a limited edition version of BY THE HORNS #1. Plus, there’s even 3 ultra-rare test press versions with unicorn skeleton doodle covers drawn by me!

You can check out the newly launched SFR website HERE and listen to Side A “Blade Through Your Heart” at the SFR Bandcamp page.

Bringing together comics and music is an absolute bucket list accomplishment for me. Thank you to the amazing Keith D and Arctic Sleep for the heartfelt songs and the friendship; my bud and BTH co-creator, Jason Muhr for the SFR logo, the album cover and for filling my Dropbox with jaw-dropping art every day; colorist supreme and pal Rico Renzi for the phenomenal cover hues (gifted to me for my birthday!); and my metal brother, Matt Stewart who killed it on the jacket design.

It was incredibly fun to make this record. Seriously, no one should have that much fun. Also, holy crap, I started a record company! 😮

More to come.

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