Goodbye, Aunt Sheila

My Aunt Sheila died from Covid-19 today after a month-long battle in the hospital. She was a bundle of quirky fun, filled with enormous heart, kindness and generosity. She would often text me asking for cooking tips and recipes so she could try something out of her Kentucky comfort zone. One of the last messages … Continue reading Goodbye, Aunt Sheila


Most of last year sure did suck, but fortunately metal did not! Here are my Top 25 Metal Albums of 2020, originally revealed vocally on the Metalheads Podcast, and now presented here in this digital printy version. Click the image above to view. Happy New Year!

New Comic Book Series!

Iā€™m very excited to announce that my brand new fantasy/sci-fi comic book series, BY THE HORNS, has been officially announced by Scout Comics! I'm having a blast creating this book with my VORACIOUS brothers Jason Muhr and Andrei Tabacaru. Click on the image to read more about it!